What is The Difference Between Motion Graphics Design and Info graphics

The terms are quite similar, and if you are not a graphic designer, it may be difficult to distinguish the difference at first. However, there are some key distinctions that you can learn about in this article from Teryaq Marketing Agency.

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What is Motion Graphics Design?

You may have seen many examples of Motion Graphics without realizing it. It refers to small copies of animated graphics or added clips that give motion to design elements. It is usually based on text and is commonly used for things like logos, designs on waiting screens, and website loading animations. There are different types of Motion Graphics, all designed to enhance designs and make them more engaging. From an artistic perspective, motion graphics can be considered animated videos and work in the same way as any other type of animation by displaying images in rapid succession...click here to show the best Motion Graphics Portfolio

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What is Infographics Design?

Infographics is a type of design that aims to convey information, usually in a direct manner using visual tools to aid communication with the reader. It is used in education, where studies have shown that most students prefer this learning method compared to reading text containing the same information. Don't worry, we at Teryaq Agency can help you design a professional Motion Graphics video and an informative presentation.

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What is the difference between Motion Graphics and Infographics?

Motion Graphics and Infographics are completely different things, each with its advantages and tools that can be used within a brand's marketing strategy. Both serve very different purposes. Motion Graphics is almost always created to give a more visually appealing look, for example, to a logo. Infographics, on the other hand, are always used to convey information in one way or another, whether it shows someone how to do something or simply presents some truly interesting statistics. It's not about discovering which one is better but rather which one is more suitable for the type of design you want to create or the information you want to portray. Motion Graphics works to give a visually animated look, while Infographics focus on conveying information differently....Contact us to get our offers in motion graphics design with long experience and a distinguished team

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What are the types of Infographics in 2024?

- Timeline Infographic:

 This type of design shows how events occurred over time and makes it easy to visualize them.

- Statistics Infographic: 

These can include ways to visualize statistics and see them at a glance, without delving too much into numbers.

- Process Infographics: 

This type shows a process step by step in a simple visual way, making it easy to understand and follow if necessary.

- Comparison Infographics: 

This presents two different concepts or elements and provides a simple comparison. They are often divided into columns so that you can see the differences.
It's all about presenting information in the simplest ways and making it visually appealing.