What is Motion Graphics Design?

What is motion graphics?

Great design is the key to a successful marketing strategy, so the rise of motion graphics videos is mainly due to their ability to clarify concepts and visualization in the most aesthetic way, and since more than 92% of shoppers have been influenced to make their final purchase decision through motion graphics, you should look About the option that can grab their attention immediately, besides that, animated motion graphics videos are ideal for posting on social media and you always find them in most TV advertising videos. In addition, many companies and organizations resort to introducing motion graphic video design into their marketing and promotion plan. For its services to the client in an attractive and flexible manner...Get Free Motion Graphics Templates from Portfolio 

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Why is motion graphic design an attractive way to reach viewers?

Motion graphic design services provide amazing and inspiring visual experiences for all fields and businesses, and these services will help you convert potential customers into customers who pay for well-designed videos, and help customers better understand your brand, in addition to motion graphics helps to communicate with people, as it blends the most relevant visual elements with storytelling to create engaging videos that help brands share their stories efficiently, as well as the ability to add a voiceover when designing a professional motion graphic video So do not hesitate to contact a motion graphic agency in order to design a motion graphic video. We at Teryaq Marketing Agency have great experience in designing motion graphics agency in Saudi Arabia in specific and around the world, in general, Contact us now


What are the types of motion graphic videos?

Various techniques can be used when producing motion graphic videos, including:

- 2D animation

- 3D animation

- 360-degree videos

Virtual reality experiences

- Traditional freehand drawing techniques to create engaging content that

delivers the desired results. 

The design industry has evolved dramatically over the years and the way we use

graphics nowadays is not just about adding motion to images, adding sound and

other special features have enabled users to have a great viewing 

experience. So, Contact us directly with Teryaq Agency, the best motion

graphics agency in Saudi Arabia


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  • - video motion graphics on your page can increase conversions by 80%.

    - Video-based social media posts generate 48% more views

    - Emails with videos have a 300% higher click-through rate

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